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Veneers are a solution for a number of common cosmetic problems. If you have gaps between your teeth, if they are misaligned, stained or misshapen then veneers provide a protective cover that improves your teeth’s shape, appearance and colour. Veneers work very much like a false fingernail and are made of porcelain or resin.

When you come to a Real Dental surgery, your dentist will do the necessary investigations and talk to you to make sure that veneers are the best approach for you. Once you’ve both made the decision to go ahead, then the actual process is straightforward and involves minimal discomfort (similar to having a filling). Veneers are very thin and are fixed to teeth using a very strong bonding agent. They are chosen to match your existing teeth, or to achieve a desired level of whiteness. One other way in which veneers can help is to close up small gaps or correct misalignments. This is particularly useful in situations where orthodontics (braces) are not suitable or appropriate. So that everyone can benefit from this very effective cosmetic treatment, we offer a range of competitive pricing and finance options.


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