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Root Canal

A root canal procedure is a common treatment used to deal with infection of the central part of a tooth. It is often used to save a tooth that would otherwise have to be removed. It is a very effective, safe and long-term way of dealing with the pain of an infected tooth.

Although root canal treatments have a reputation for being painful, they are carried out by highly trained specialists under anaesthetic, as a result the discomfort you might feel will be similar to that experienced during a normal filling. The procedure involves cleaning the infected tooth and the removal of any infected dental pulp (the substance that lies inside your teeth and runs down into their roots). The tooth will then be filled and capped. Because it is a relatively complicated procedure root canals can require a number of visits. When you come to a Real Dental surgery, your dentist will explain exactly what your individual treatment will entail. After treatment, good oral hygiene is vital.


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