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Fillings are amongst the most common dental treatments. They are used to repair part of the tooth that has been damaged or lost due to tooth decay or other types of damage. At Real Good Dental we offer a range of fillings, including tooth-coloured options that restore the look of the treated tooth.

Dental decay is caused when bacteria in your mouth feed off trapped food, create a film of plaque and produce acid that affects the enamel covering of your teeth. Tooth decay can cause toothache, sensitivity and bad breath. It can be prevented through good oral hygiene (brushing your teeth and flossing). It is easier to treat the sooner it is detected, so regular visits to a dentist are highly recommended. When you come to a Real Dental surgery, your dentist will inspect your teeth, assess the level of decay, remove the affected portion and fill in the cavity. This will be done under anaesthetic and you should only experience mild discomfort. Your dentist will discuss with you the best option for your filling and will highlight the pros and cons of the different choices. For example, composite (tooth coloured) fillings provide an excellent aesthetic result but can be less durable than amalgam (silver-coloured fillings) which, although they change the look of a tooth, offer a high degree of strength and durability.


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