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Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is one of the leading reasons why people visit the dentist. It can cause sensitivity, pain, infection and inflammation and, in extreme cases, the loss of a tooth or teeth. At Real Good Dental we have a number of effective treatments for tooth decay that will stop the pain and help you smile again.

Tooth decay begins when the bacteria in your mouth makes acid that attacks the enamel of the outer enamel surface of your teeth. This often happens when someone’s diet is high in sugary and acidic food and drink. If tooth decay is not caught at this early stage it can eat through the enamel, reach the inside of a tooth and cause infection and inflammation, gum disease and abscesses. When you visit Real Good Dental, your dentist will assess the extent of your tooth decay. Depending on the stage it has reached, treatments may include the use of fluoride gels, the removal of any decay (followed by a filling) or root canal treatment. Routine dental visits can detect the early stages of tooth decay, allowing effective preventative treatment. Good oral hygiene is the best way to stop tooth decay from occurring, so ensure that you limit your consumption of sugary and acidic food and drink, brush and floss regularly.


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