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Sensitive Teeth

Many people suffer from sensitive teeth and experience pain caused by things such as hot or cold food or drink, tooth brushing or cold weather. At Real Good Dental we can help relive this pain and advise on the dental hygiene steps you need to take to keep sensitivity at bay.

Sensitive teeth can be cause by a number of different factors, including exposed roots, cavities, problems with fillings, gum disease or worn enamel. When you visit a Real Dental surgery, your dentist will carry out a thorough dental examination to check the health of your teeth and gums and assess the cause of your teeth’s sensitivity. He or she will then advise you on the best treatment approach to take. Treatments for sensitive teeth can be as simple as using special desensitizing toothpaste – your dentist will advise you on the best brand to use. We can also offer more sophisticated treatments. These include fluoride applications and the use of desensitizing or bonding resins to provide relief. In some cases, surgery (including root canal surgery) may be necessary. To reduce the chances of developing sensitive teeth, brush regularly with a fluoride toothpaste and take care with acidic food and drink which can damage the enamel of your teeth.


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