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Straightening teeth/orthodontics

If your teeth are misaligned, gappy or over-crowded then Real Good Dental has a range of orthodontic services to make your smile more beautiful. These treatments don’t just provide a cosmetic enhancement, they can also remove discomfort, correct biting abnormalities and help you chew food more easily.

Orthodontic treatments can help with teeth that are noticeably crooked, have gaps between them, are crowded or protruding. They can also be used to treat overbites or conditions where some teeth do not come together when the mouth is closed. When you visit Real Good Dental, your dentist will assess the condition of your teeth and discuss your requirements. You’ll then get expert advice on which orthodontic treatment is most suitable. Orthodontic treatments include fixed braces, invisible braces, aligners, removable braces and retainers. Orthodontic treatments can feel a little uncomfortable at first, but this feeling soon fades. They need regular brushing to keep clean and check-ups to monitor progress. Although many people think of orthodontics and teeth straightening as only appropriate for young people, this is not the case and many adults are now choosing to improve their teeth in this way. So that everyone can benefit from our range of highly effective orthodontic treatments, we offer a range of competitive pricing and finance options.


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