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Emergency Appointments

Dental emergencies can happen for many reasons. For example, you or your child might have lost a tooth in an accident, your teeth or gums might be giving you considerable pain, a filling might have fallen out or a crown might have become detached. Whatever the cause of your emergency Real Good Dental can help.

To book an emergency appointment simply call your nearest Real Good Dental practice during office hours. To locate your branch and to find its number, use our contact page. Please tell the receptionist the nature of your emergency and every effort will be made to see you rapidly. We are normally able to offer an appointment within 24hrs. Outside practice hours, please call and listen to our voicemail, which will tell you details of how to access emergency help. We can deal with a wide range of urgent problems, including pain, fractured or broken teeth, trauma and swelling, breakages involving crowns, veneers, bridges and emergency root canal issues. If your child has lost a permanent tooth, then there are steps you can take that will improve the chance of saving it. Rinse the tooth with milk or salt water, then place the tooth back in its socket, put a piece of tissue over it and ask your child to bite down to keep it in place.


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